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Employee Benefits

Retain, attract and reward key employees who drive your business with group health insurance plans, life, dental, disability, accident & hospital indemnity, cancer & critical illness and vision insurance.

This will help round out your employee benefits package for your small, medium or large group health benefits.

Call A Doc

Use Call A Doc for your first line of defense in cost control available 24/7/365 at home, work or away avoid costly Urgent Care & ER visits by calling your Doctor during the day, after hours or on Holidays for those services that can be handled over the telephone or thru video and avoid drive times, long waits sitting in the Doctors Office for a low cost per employee and thier family members included for free.

Individual Medical

Aliera Healthcare is our choice for alternative solutions for affordable healthcare with premiums about 50% when compared to the Affordable Care Act.

This product is available anytime thru out the year and satisfies the tax penalty for not having Insurance as per IRS guidelines.

Enrollment is quick and easy!

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