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Things to know about group health insurance 

Mark E. Snapp & Associates provides group health insurance in Charleston, WV, Morgantown, Beckley, Parkersburg, Huntington, WV and surrounding regions.  Group Health Insurance in Charleston, WV, Morgantown, Beckley, Parkersburg, Huntington, WV

  • Coverage Options and Limits: Group health insurance typically offers a range of coverage options, including medical, dental, vision, and sometimes even mental health services. However, the extent of coverage can vary based on the specific plan chosen by the employer. There are often limits on coverage amounts, such as annual or lifetime maximums for certain services or treatments. 
  • Employer Contribution: One significant advantage of group health insurance is that employers usually contribute a significant portion of the premium costs. This can make coverage more affordable for employees compared to individual health insurance plans where they would bear the full cost themselves. The employer’s contribution may vary, but it’s often a substantial portion of the premium. 
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Group health insurance plans typically cover pre-existing conditions without imposing waiting periods or exclusions. This can be advantageous for employees with existing health issues who might struggle to find affordable coverage in the individual market. The protection against discrimination based on health status is a key feature of group health plans under the Affordable Care Act in many jurisdictions. 
  • Enrollment Periods and Eligibility Criteria: Group health insurance plans often have specific enrollment periods during which employees can sign up for coverage. New employees may have a waiting period before they become eligible for coverage, which can vary depending on the employer’s policies. Additionally, certain categories of employees, such as part-time or temporary workers, may have different eligibility criteria or coverage options. 
  • Portability and Continuation: Group health insurance plans typically offer portability, meaning employees can retain their coverage if they leave the company, often through COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) or similar state continuation programs. However, maintaining coverage after leaving employment usually requires the individual to pay the full premium cost, including the portion previously covered by the employer. Understanding the options for continuation of coverage is crucial for individuals transitioning between jobs or leaving the workforce.  

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