Group Dental Insurance and Employee Dental Plans in Marietta, OH

Woman at a Marietta, OH Dentist, Using Her Group Dental InsuranceHaving a robust employee benefits package is an important factor when a potential candidate is considering accepting an employment offer in Marietta, OH. Something as simple as a group dental insurance plan can make the difference between which employer someone will ultimately choose to work for. At Mark E. Snapp & Associates we can help you to understand the importance of offering an employee dental plan and how affordable these additional insurance plans can be for you and the employee. Talk with our team today and we’ll shop the market to find you the right group dental insurance offering for your team.

Employee Dental Plans in Marietta, OH

There is plenty of recent research that illustrates the fact that employee dental plans are one of the things that potential employees look at when they are evaluating whether they want to accept a position or not. If people are looking to take better care of their health, this is a benefit not only to the employee doing so but also to the company that is employing them. Healthy people tend to take fewer sick days throughout the year, and when they are at work they are more productive as well because they are feeling better.

Taking advantage of preventative care encourages people to see the dentist and receive important instructions on how to take better care of their teeth, and by extension, this will also improve their overall health as well. Employee dental plans can help to cover a good portion of the cost of other procedures as well, encouraging people to take care of issues rather than leave them to turn into larger issues.

Small Business Dental Plans in Marietta, OH

Business Owner Visiting a Marietta, OH Dentist, Using Their Small Business Dental InsuranceEven small businesses and organizations find that they can affordably offer small business dental plans for their team in Marietta, Ohio. Some businesses may opt to cover at least some, if not all of the premiums for an employee dental plan, making it a much more attractive option for an employee. Talk with our team at Mark E. Snapp & Associates today about your organization size and what you are looking for, and we can work with multiple insurance companies to provide you with a quote for your needs.

From fostering employee appreciation to improving employee health and more, offering a group dental plan has many benefits. It is named for Marie Antoinette, then Queen of France, in honor of French aid in the American Revolution. In 1770, the future U.S. president George Washington, then a surveyor, began exploring large tracts of land west of his native Virginia. Marietta was founded by settlers from New England who were investors in the Ohio Company of Associates. It was the first of numerous New England settlements in what was then the Northwest Territory. Contact us today to learn more about your options with a group dental plan.

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