Group Health and Dental Insurance in Palm Beach, FL

Man in Palm Beach, FL Smiling After Signing up for a Group Health Insurance PlanLike any competent employer in Palm Beach, Florida, you want what’s best for your staff. Finding group health insurance coverage that scales to your business while providing what your employees need is often a challenge. Mark E. Snapp & Associates simplifies your efforts with flexible workplace health insurance plans for all business sizes.

Whether you have a humble team of two or a sizable staff of more than 50, you’ll find a group medical insurance plan when you work with our representatives. We have connections with diverse providers that can customize the employee group benefits you offer. When you prioritize your employees’ health, you build a stronger future for your business. Discover affordable ways to protect your staff’s health with small and large business health insurance coverage.

Group Dental Insurance in Palm Beach

Group dental insurance shouldn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Therefore, we offer group health insurance plans to suit any business need in Palm Beach, Florida. For example, our DHMO plan allows your staff to visit an assigned, in-network care provider. The company group health coverage handles the costs of most procedures, like preventative treatments, cleanings, and screenings. Our DPPO group dental insurance coverage allows more provider flexibility with discounted coverage. Our agents can help you find the benefits that work best for your employees before crafting a customized package.

Group Vision Insurance in Palm Beach, Florida

Woman in Palm Beach, FL Smiling After A Group Vision Insurance ExamAnother must-have benefit is group vision insurance. Optical health is a frequently forgotten element in many corporate health insurance plans. Therefore, some providers might leave it out or require buyers to pay exorbitant premiums to add it.

We understand the value of a business whose staff has a clear line of sight. Therefore, we offer options with flexible network providers, discounted benefits, and other perks to protect your team’s eyesight. They’ll access:

  • Affordable glasses
  • Discounted prescription contact lenses
  • Free routine eye exams
  • Other pertinent vision services

Make your coverage budget go further with knowledgeable assistance from our experienced agents. While nearly 2,000 residents call Palm Beach, Florida, home, the coastal town attracts visitors from far and wide, especially during spring and summer. Tourists and locals flock to Phipps Ocean Park’s pristine sands and azure waters. The Square and Palm Beach Zoo also offer unique educational experiences for the whole family. Ready to make group vision insurance and group dental insurance an integral part of your group health insurance coverage? Contact Mark E. Snapp & Associates in Palm Beach, Florida, for free customized quotes. Trust us to assist you.

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